Can you use acrylic paint on leather shoes?

Can you actually paint on leather?

Will painting all that is necessary to beautify your shoes?

In this article, we will talk about whether you can use acrylic paint on shoes and even on nike-s / vans and other types.

We will also talk about how you can keep the acrylic paint on shoes, with some other necessary information that makes the whole topic of using acrylic paint on shoes a whole.

When it comes to the question of using acrylic paint on leather shoes:

The quick answer is yes.

  • But you cannot use the acrylic paint alone and must use primer in some cases and a sealant in most other cases.

Whether you need to prime or not, and whether you can skip sealing or not, and some other general tips on how you can apply acrylic paint on leather shoes will be presented in this piece for you and those who are looking to find out how to use acrylic paint on leather shoes.

can you use acrylic paint on shoes?

The shortest answer is yes. But depending on your technique and the number of applications and of course the type of paint there could be differences in the way you apply the acrylic paint.

Applying this type of paint might be the most optimal paint for it’s cheaper and easier to get hold of. It also dries quickly and is not that stubborn when it comes to mixing it with other water-based paints.

If you are to use acrylic paint on leather shoes you will need to consider the type of leather apart from the type of paint and the techniques you are using.

Natural leather or genuine leather will always be easier to paint, while also retaining the paint easier.  Natural leathers are also smoother on the outside which makes it easier to paint and/or draw.

If you happen to work with lower-quality leather, you should consider scuffing it or smoothing out the skins by whatever means you deem necessary to make it easier to paint. 

Although, you could prime the leather to make it easier to make. You won’t always rely on primer to paint on leather shoes if you have the right type of leather shoes.

We understand that high-quality leather shoes can be expensive. Thus if you would like to use primer, then make sure to use the correct primer type. In our case, if you are using acrylic paint, then the primer of the same type will do just fine.

Can you use acrylic paint on Nike shoes?

The quick and direct answer is again yes. But you should be careful when working with Nike shoes. Since you certainly don’t want to ruin your nike-ys due to the wrong application.

Thinner and multiple layers seem to be the best way to paint leather Nike shoes. It is also important to use the right brush. You can’t use wide or stiff bristles brushes which might seem obvious but important enough to keep you warned.

Don’t forget to leave enough time for the paint to dry as well. Usually, anywhere between 20-30 mins will do just fine.

Can you use acrylic paint on vans?

Yes, you can but only on the leather vans. As you know vans is a sneaker brand that heavily utilizes canvas material in their shoes and other shoe products.

While canvas may be a more flexible and casual material to wear every day. It is not the perfect one to paint. 

However, some of the same tips and tricks apply to painting on canvas as do on leather as well. So, you are going to want to paint thin layers multiple times.  Leave enough time to dry and use sealer and primer to get the desired outcome you want.

Will acrylic paint ruin shoes?

A proper application of acrylic paint won’t ruin the shoes. But they might become more prone to cracking. However the likelihood that the shoes will crack depend on the way you paint, and the protection you use afterward.

Application of any type of paint on any type of shoe will make it more likely to crack over time since the surface will become thicker due to the paint. But if necessary measures are taken on time and correctly this can be avoided for some time.

In order for your acrylic paint not to ruin your shoes, you must always use protective varnish after painting.  Use a polymer gloss finish if you want to not only avoid cracking your shoes but also make them shinier. You can use a polymer matte to give it a bit more of a dull finish.

Does acrylic paint wash off leather shoes?

Acrylic paint will come off from leather and vinyl material easier than canvas or fabrics. However, you can also clean the paint off of those materials by using detergents or wetting them for a necessary while.

Is Acrylic Paint Permenant?

First consider soaking your shoes in warm water for a while, anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours. Remember to check on the shoes and the paint to see if it has an effect. If the paint is removed you will see it peeling off your shoes and swimming on the surface of the water.

However, you can’t get the paint off this way. Follow these simple steps:

  • Grab a wet towel, or a cloth soaked in warm water
  • Wipe the paint off of your shoes with the same towel or the cloth

If this doesn’t work, consider:

  • Use detergent chemical cleaning agents to spray the paint.
  • Rub and scrub carefully with a new dry towel after waiting for a few minutes, so as to soak the agents into the shoes.

How do you keep acrylic paint on shoes?

The obvious answer is by sealing it. However, the very process of leaving itself is a tricky one.

Because that needs to take into consideration the material of the shoes you got, and the type of finish you would like to have.

  • Would you want a glossy, shiner finish?
  • Or would you want a dull-er One?

Of course, that depends on the art world you have or plan to have. Either way, you need to do a bit of thinking and research before you get to that part of applying the sealant.

However, if you’re using acrylic paint on leather shoes, then you should be searching for a polyurethane sealant that is more common and fitting for various surfaces including leather shoes.

Indeed just using any sort of sealant will be an important aspect of keeping your acrylic paint on shoes.

How do you keep acrylic paint from cracking on shoes

First of all, you need to wear it carefully, that is given, right?  However, apart from things that are in your control, there are things that are not quite in your control. So, these are how you painted, and the sealant you used.

When it comes to painting, make sure to paint it always in one direction, be it from top to bottom or left to right. However, painting in naturally inclining directions will be the best to keep it from cracking.

You must also paint in thinner layers and multiple times.  Making sure that each painting is painted on top of an already-dried layer is another important aspect of it.

Last but not least, making sure to seal the paint with a proper sealant is the last necessary step in preserving the paint on your shoes.

what can I use to seal acrylic paint on leather?

The best and most common sealant is polyurethane. This is also one of the only types of sealant that goes almost on every surface. So, using this won’t be a mistake.

However, using a liquid paint finisher or spray sealants won’t be a bad idea as well. In fact, when choosing a sealant, you should pay attention to the material that seals it.

Because there are many types of sealant for many other materials like nylon or rubber, and even for leather. If you use the type that is meant for leather, that will most likely be the best one.

Spray finishers are also very popular and used for many purposes even for sealing leather shoes. Since spray sealants also help the paint stick to the surface better, they may be better applied when you are not able to get your paint to stick to the surface as well as you had hoped for.

While liquid paint finishers can be used to seal the acrylic paint on leather. Since you would apply the sealant in a much more similar fashion to the painting itself. What is more important than changing the type of paint is the sealing itself. And make sure to apply as many times as necessary.

Does acrylic paint stick to leather?

If you are to use acrylic paint on its own, it won’t stick to the leather. But some prep work like priming and postwork like sealing will help and make the paint stick to the leather.

In terms of the prep work, when it comes to the leather, you want to make sure to clean the surface well and keep it soaked or ready to absorb the paint. Cleaning itself should be carefully carried out with proper cleaning agents and necessary primers.

Once you are sure that the leather is readily choosing the correct paint is the next important factor in making the paint stick to the leather.

Acrylic paint is said to be the best type of paint to use when stickiness is important. It is also one of the cheapest ones to come by, which makes it an optimal solution.

Finally using a proper sealant will be the last but most important step to keep the acrylic paint stick to the leather.

Now if you would like to find out how not just to keep your acrylic paint stuck to leather or leather shoes, but also how to perform those other necessary steps like prep and post-work let us now show you that in simple steps.

Tips for applying acrylic  paint on leather shoes

When applying acrylic paint on leather shoes or other leather materials, there is a crucial aspect of it you need to understand; that is to apply multiples times and each time as thin as possible.

The reason to apply thin layers is that they will help to keep your shoes from cracking and plus, will remain on the shoes for long period.

You should also give ample time to dry in between each painting.

If you paint is to think to consider using water as a solvent to make fluid enough.  Other agents can be used to fix the fluidity of the paint.

So, these are the steps you need to take to apply the acrylic paint on leather shoes:

  1. Identify the type of leather, you can do that by looking at the surface, the wax, or the polish. You can also look at the box or the documentation where they reveal this information. Knowing the type of leather is important for our next step when you need to clean it.
  1. Use cleaning detergents or other agents to clean the shoes spotless
  2. Primer the leather
  1. Apply the paint, as we mentioned above, in multiple thin layers.
  1. Choose your brushes carefully, the smaller and softer bristles the easier it will be to paint, especially if you’re painting on sneakers and it’s got many different types of shapes and forms. Maneuvering will be important to keep the painting precise
  1. Finish it with whatever finish you want. For example, if you want a shiner finish, using polymer gloss varnish will give you that look, while the polymer matte will give you more of a dull look.

To wrap up

We hope you answered all your questions about using acrylic paint on leather shoes. Not only that, but also we have that we have the necessary information on how to keep it sticky and avoid cracking it.

Indeed using acrylic paint on leather is not a simple task but simple enough when you know how and what to do.

To sum it all up;

  • Always clean your leather shoes and prime them if necessary
  • Apply in thin layers multiples times
  • Don’t forget to seal, or use a proper sealant like polyurethane, liquid paint, or spray sealant

These are all that you need to know to u