Are you wondering how to fix uneven spray paint? Or maybe you don’t know why your spray paint is so rough. If you are looking for the answer, you have come to the right place!

In today’s article, you will learn the reasons for uneven spray paint, how to fix them, and ways to avoid rough spray paint. And considerably more!

What are the reasons for uneven spray paint?

There are several reasons for having uneven spray paint on your work. If you are conscious of the reasons for the problem, you have got a big chance to avoid rough spray paint beforehand.

Poor preparation

 It is better, to begin with poor preparation, one of the most important considerations. If your surface is not as clean as spray paint requires, don’t expect a smooth surface. Clean the character from any oily and dirty residues with the help of warm soapy water and a clean rag or tack cloth. Whatever you want to paint, clean it. It may be metal, plastic, or wood. It is not essential.

The way of using the spray gun

The following reason is the improper setup of the spray paint gun. Lay out the spray paint gun properly to avoid uneven spray paint. Or check the nozzle of the can of spray paint you are using. Is it clean, or isn’t there anything extra dirt on the nozzle? Check all the aspects of cleaning the nozzle.

Applying spray paint at the wrong angle

Try to spray the paint at a right angle. Applying in the wrong way can cause uneven spray paint. Using a spray paint gun or the can at a 90-degree angle is more proper. If you hold the spray paint too close to the object, it may create a liquid surface. While having too far the nozzle from the furniture or the surface can cause uneven spray paint. It is better to work with sections in the working process to be easy and comfortable.

Premature evaporation of the spray paint

You can use paint thinner on your spray paint gun to clean the residues. You cannot achieve a smooth surface without a clean spray paint gun.

Before using the spray paint thinner, read the instruction carefully. Incorrect usage of paint thinner can cause an orange-peel effect on your painting area.

Using too much paint

 Over-applying spray paint is the most common cause of uneven spray paint. Avoid over-spraying, and you can get a smooth surface as you want. Moreover, you can save more paint and money without wasting too much spray paint.

How to fix uneven spray paint

As always, you should prepare what you need in the working process. This table helps you determine the tools needed to fix uneven spray paint.

WaterSpray can or spray gun
Dish soapFace masks
Microfiber cloth or a clean ragGoggles
Wire brushAlcohol
1000grit sandpapercardboard
Trisodium phosphate (TSP)Respirator

Are all your equipment ready to work? If so, start your work!


As we know, preparation is one of the most vital stages of painting. But surface preparation may differ according to the type of material you are painting. Here you can find detailed information about surface preparation.

For plastic surfacesA clean wet rag is suitable for the metal surface to clean off the specks of dirtIf the area you are painting is rusty, use a wire brush to remove the rust. Use a compressed air pump sander or fine-grit sandpaper to remove residual paint. Wipe down the area after the sanding process.
For metal surfacesTo remove the area from chipping paint, use trisodium phosphate (TSP) Even out the surface with fine-grit sandpaperWipe down all the residues after the sanding
For wood surfacesTo remove the area from chipping paint, use trisodium phosphate (TSP). Even out the surface with fine-grit sandpaperWipe down all the residues after the sanding

Painting stage

At the beginning of your painting, it will be better to start spraying from the side of the surface. Never begin spraying the area directly when you are trying to recoat.

If you want to avoid a lot of build-up of the spray paint, try to glide your hand stably in a straight line. Never stop spraying until you have finished in one straight line.

You should paint one thin coat and then the third one. Usually, the dry time of the spray paint lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. Let each coat dry thoroughly to avoid uneven spray paint.

Please pay attention to the type and manufacturer’s instructions for the spray paint before using it because dry times may differ.

Also, do not forget about the weather condition and humidity. They are also the main features to avoid uneven spray paint on your surface. You should use spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Remember that too low or too high temperature negatively affects your character.

At the beginning of your task, cleaning the surface of any residual debris or trash is essential to avoid uneven spray paint on the selected area.

Clean the surface

Clean the surface with a microfiber cloth or a clean rag if the surface is washable, try to use warm water to release the area from specks of dirt.

Sand the area

After the cleaning stage, sand the area with sandpaper according to the surface. Keep in mind that each character demands different sandpaper. Choose the right one for the area you are painting.

By clicking on this link, you can get information about the grits of sandpaper you should use.

 What grits of sandpaper should you use when painting

Mop the surface

After sanding your area, mop the surface from any residual dirt and clouds of dust. And then, you can start the next stage of the painting.


The next stage is priming. Use a primer every time before using spray paint. It helps you to achieve a smoother surface. Choose a primer according to your type of spray paint. You should use spray primer in several conditions, such as water damage, smoke damage, new drywall, and wood surface.

The ideal dry temperature for the spray primer is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry time of the spray primer is also different. Some brands dry in 30 minutes, while others take a long time, such as 24 hours.

If you want your primer to dry faster, choose a place where the humidity level is 50 percent or less because the humidity level affects the primer much more than the temperature.

You should shake the can for 2-3 minutes before using it to achieve a smoother surface. It helps you to avoid clogging and dripping on the surface.

Stable motion is essential when applying on a top or clear coat. Using your whole arm is better than using the wrist while painting the surface.

Now you can start painting. Spray the paint thinner to the surface and wait until dry thoroughly.

How do you fix uneven spray paint on your car

How do you fix uneven spray paint on your car?

Fixing uneven spray paint on your car is not so difficult. But it would be best if you repainted it with patience. Before painting your car’s rough surface, clarify the area you want to fix. If you don’t need to repaint the whole part of the car, cover the unnecessary surface with the help of an old rag or newspaper to avoid over spraying.

To fix uneven spray paint, these tips will help you:

  1. You first sand the surface of the car to achieve a smooth. Fine-grit sandpaper or medium is the best choice for the car to repaint.
  2. And then, you should wash the area with a degreaser or warm soapy water.
  3. Use a primer several times if the surface is not good enough to repaint.
  4. After thoroughly drying the coats of primer, you can begin repainting your car.
  5. The last stage is the clear coat to protect the new spray paint.

How do you fix uneven spray paint on your wall?

You need to do several steps to fix uneven spray paint on your wall. Below get some helpful information about it:

  1. First of all, identify the problem. Find the area that is not flat. If there are some bubbles or blisters, remove them with a paint scraper.
  2. If the humidity is very high in your room or area, sanding or priming is not a good idea. You can file or prime after stabilitating the moisture. You can use exhaust fans, or ventilation is one of the handiest tools to control the airflow.
  3. Now the airflow is stable, and you can start sanding. Sand the area to remove residues and clean the wall with an old rag.
  4. Prime the wall with a roller. Let it dry for 15-30 minutes. The dry time may differ according to the manufacturer’s instructions. So read the guide before applying the primer to the wall.
  5. Use spray paint at a 90 degrees angle to avoid uneven spray paint. Spray paint on the wall dries at least an hour for each coat. But waiting 24 hours to dry for the top or clear coat is better.
  6. If you see uneven spray paint before drying the previous coat, let it dry thoroughly, and then you can start repainting.

Can I paint over uneven spray paint?

In most cases, it is up to the level of uneven surface. If the rough surface is on the entire wall and looks so noticeable, it is better to prime it first. You can virtually cover up all the uneven marks by priming the whole wall.

Making a pressure adjustment

Now that we have looked through the reasons for uneven spray paint and preparation stages for different types of surfaces. The following vital stage of fixing rough spray paint is a pressure adjustment and testing its function.

Intense pressure can lead to overspray while using the can of the spray paint gun. It would be best to control the paint’s pressure to avoid getting too much paint out of the nozzle. Start spraying at low pressure.  If your surface is uneven because of this pressure, amplify the speed and the pressure of the nozzle a little bit.

Testing your spray gun at the beginning of the painting is a beneficial idea. Trying a spray gun with the help of paint thinner or water is easier and more dependable to identify problems immediately.

Finding the proper distance to use spray paint

Distance is also a considerable element you should pay attention to. You can prevent the surface from over-spraying by choosing the proper distance. The most suitable distance for spray paint is 60 to 10 inches.

If you are too far from the painting surface, you may have a problem, such as an uneven or porous surface.

Moreover, you may also paint the surrounding areas. Some drips may appear on your surface if the distance is too close. So, be careful while using a spray gun or can.

Sometimes it may change according to the tool you are using. For instance, if you use an HVLP gun, 8 inches is an ideal distance. But for air-assisted airlines, spray guns demands 10-12 inches.

Try to stay perpendicular to the surface. It helps you to finish your work faster and better.

Final thoughts

Now you have a deep understanding of how to fix uneven spray paint. Cleaning, sanding, priming, and recoating are the appropriate stages for fixing rough spray paint. And also, follow the tips which are mentioned above.