Are you thinking to freshen up your room by painting its walls? But, do you feel worried about the lingering spray paint odor that comes as an immediate consequence of painting a room? Freshly painted rooms have an odor that is not thoroughly unpleasant but dangerous to health.

So, if you are going to perform a new painting job, it’s always advisable to get familiar with some hacks that can quickly help you get rid of paint odors or fumes quickly and easily out of the house. This post is primarily for those who do not know how to get rid of paint smells

after redecoration.

The low-VOC paints may reduce the fumes, but it’s not an affordable option for everyone. While sometimes, you may fall in love with a paint that is not manufactured with a low or no VOC formula.

Whatever might be the reason, you don’t have to fall victim to a post-painting job with some household ingredients. I am giving you a few ways to get rid of residual paint odor in your home.

1. Baking Soda

You can either fill shallow pieces of bowls with baking soda or place them around the room. Similar to charcoal, it also helps absorbs the paint odor. In the case of carpeted rooms, you can sprinkle the baking soda over the carpets and let it sit overnight.

2. Candles

This is one of the unique tricks on how to get rid of paint smell fast. Yes, candles have the ability to remove the toxicity of paint odor and absorb the solvent in the air that has flammable components. So, at first, you need to light a candle and then let it float in a bowl of water. You’ll feel the difference just after a few minutes. You need to stay careful and prevent anyone from knocking the candle and avoid an accident.

3. Water and lemons

Toss a few slices of lemons in a bucket full of water. While the lemons add a clean scent, the water will absorb the solvents in the air. For the best results, add a pinch of salt and leave it overnight in a room. This will mask the odor while leaving the room smelling fresh.

4. Vinegar

Being a strong odor neutralizer, vinegar can be used to absorb the paint’s odor. Fill the few bowls with white vinegar and keep all of them in the room. Stay cautious of knocking them over, as it may lead to a lingering strong vinegar smell.

5. Onion

The onion has great odor-absorbing properties, which works effectively when added to the room, while you are painting. You also have the option to add it later on if needed. Peel away the two onions and slice them in half across the rings. Put this half-onion in a separate bowl with the cut in an upward direction. Then place the bowl close to the painted rooms for several hours to get rid of the smell.


Painting jobs are less exciting due to the presence of strong paint fumes around. There is a need to utilize a few tricks like the above to minimize the strong paint smell. To this end, the painting will become your next enjoyable home improvement project. Cheers!!