Has some paint spilled on your laminate floor? Try getting it off today and give your laminate floor a desirable look

If you have a beautiful laminate floor stained with paint, you would want obviously to get that paint off your laminate floor.

Once, I had also to remove some paint off my laminate floor; trust me – it was super easy.  No stress at all.

How To Get Paint Off Laminate Floor

Getting Paint Off Your Laminate Floor

The method explained below is one of many ways to get paint off your laminate floor.

  • First and foremost, get a bucket of water and a piece of cloth. The cloth piece should be soft.
  • Use a fabric that is not abrasive so as not to harm the floor or destroy its finish.
  • Get a laminate floor cleaning product which should be mild.
  • Make your cloth damp, and then spray or drop your cleaning product on the area you want to clean.
  • Take the cloth piece and rub it on the area using significant pressure to get the paint off. You can use your fingertips.
  • Ensure the solution works its way into the paint to loosen it up.

 As we proceed, I will explain other methods but note that some can be risky. Those methods require you to be extra careful to pretend to damage your floor.

Other Ways By Which You Can Get Paint Off Your Laminate Floor

There are also many other ways to get paint off the laminate floor. Below you will find out about them.

MethodsTools you will need
1Use of Scraping ToolRigid material, like expired credit card
2Use of alcoholIsopropyl alcohol, a piece of cloth
3Use of vinegarFloor greaser, a part of cloth
4Use of vinegar and soap water solutionA cup of vinegar, a gallon of warm water
5Applying a floor greaserNail polish remover, a part of soft and clean cloth
6Using nail polish removerFloor greaser, a part of the cloth
7Rub some window cleanerAmmonium-based window cleaner, paper towel, water
8Using denatured alcoholDenatured alcohol or methylated spirit, a piece of cloth
9Homemade mixture applicationWater, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap
10Rub some paint thinnerNail polish thinner, a clean piece of cloth

And now, let`s learn about them in detail.

Method 1: Use of Scraping Tool

A scraping tool is a rigid material. To get the paint off your laminate floor, get a rigid material. It could be your expired credit card or something else. You should use this method when you have tried using an ordinary damp cloth that didn’t yield results, or perhaps if you do not have any cleaning solution to use with the wet cloth.

You can also use a plastic putty knife or a brush with soft bristles. It would be best never to use metallic objects on your laminate floor. Using metals on your laminate floor will give scratches to your bed. I`m pretty sure you do want to get the paint off your laminate floor without leaving any scratches on it. 

Method 2: Use of Alcohol

Alcohol alone can help remove the paint on your laminate floor without mixing it with any solution. Another name is isopropyl alcohol, and it is effortless to use. You need to cover the affected area with this rubbing alcohol and allow it to stay for a few minutes. Afterward, take a piece of cloth and do some rubbing.

Method 3: Use Vinegar

You can also use vinegar to get rid of paint on laminate floors. This substance works like alcohol. You need a cup of vinegar and a gallon of warm water, and you are good to go! This measurement is ideal, but you can determine how much you need depending on the paint surface you need to wipe off. 

  • Mix your vinegar with the warm water
  • Apply the water after you mix it
  • Get a piece of a soft cloth and some cold water.
  • Damp the cloth piece with the cold water and rub it on the area

Method 4: Use Vinegar & Soap Water Solution

Vinegar is quite helpful in homes for different purposes, and you might as well consider using it on your laminate floor. Vinegar is very effective in removing paint and is also safe to use.

  •   Mix white vinegar with water. It should be in equal proportions
  •   Add some drops of a dish into the water and white vinegar solution and mix
  •   Get a piece of a soft cloth and dip it into the solution
  •   Rub the damp part of the fabric on the area of the laminate floor stained with paint
  •   You can add equal amounts of alcohol into the mixture if the paint is oil-based

Method 5: Applying a Floor Greaser

A floor greaser helps to wipe off oil stains from the floor, but do you know someone can also use it to remove paint? Well, it does, and it is very effective as well. When using a floor greaser to get paint off your laminate floor, you need to:

  •   Cover the affected area with the floor greaser.
  •   Allow the product to stay in place for some time to penetrate thoroughly.
  •   Afterward, use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the area.
  •    Repeat on other areas of the floor stained with paint

Method 6: Using Nail Polish Remover

Here, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. As a man, this material might not be among your possessions but trust me; it’s not difficult to get. So how is this nail polish remover used? It’s straightforward! You need to:

  • Apply a few drops of this product directly to the affected area on your laminate floor
  •   Allow the bubbles to stay on the paint for a few minutes
  •   Get a piece of a clean, soft cloth and rub it off while applying some pressure
  •   If there are still some bits of stains left, repeat the procedure till there is none left on your floor

Method 7: Rub Some Window Cleaner

Here, you might need an ammonium-based window cleaner to do the job. Ammonium-based window cleaner will give the perfect results.

  •   First, spray an adequate amount of this product on the paint and leave it for about five minutes.
  •  Get a paper towel and some water
  •  Add some water to the paper towel to make it wet
  •   Rub the damp paper towel on the concerned area

Method 8: Using Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol is the same as methylated spirit. If you have a first aid box at home, you will find it there. If you do not have a first aid box, you can purchase the product (methylated spirit) from a store. 

Methylated spirit is very efficient in removing paint from your laminate floor and is easy to use.

  • You’ll need a piece of cloth to saturate in the solution
  • Rub this cloth piece on the affected area.

That’s it! You can also make use of a scraping tool as an addition. The scraping tool helps to achieve faster results. The denatured alcohol helps cut through the dried paint; once that happens, the scraping tool works on the surface quickly.

Method 9: Homemade Mixture Application

Using a wet rag is the easiest way to remove paint from the floor, but this is impossible, especially if the paint is dried.

 A paint splash or paint drops can leave stubborn stains on your floor if you do not clean it up immediately. If you try cleaning up the paint drops/spills immediately, using a wet rag is possible, but using a damp rag is not enough for paint stains that are dried up.

Using a homemade mixture, you can eliminate paint on your laminate floor. The easiest way to remove the paint from your laminate floor is a mild homemade solution that poses no threat to your laminate floor. 

I once had paint spilled on my laminate floor a few weeks back. I made a great decision at that time. Trust me; I prepared a homemade solution to get the paint off my laminate floor. The solution worked just like I expected, making my bed free of paint stains. You can try it out too.

A homemade mixture contains water, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. You can also add a few drops of dish soap to the mix. 

To prepare a homemade mixture, follow these simple steps:

  •   Mix water and vinegar in equal proportions
  •   Pour into the solution an equal amount of rubbing alcohol
  •   Stir the mixture together
  •   Get your dish soap and squirt in a few drops
  •   Mix again

Method 10: Rub Some Paint Thinner

Nail polish thinner should be your very last option. Why is this so? This is because paint thinner is not as safe as other products and can have some adverse effects. Therefore, you need to be very careful when using paint thinner, if you must use it.

You should only use paint thinner if you have tried other methods and are still unsatisfied with the results. However, a paint lighter will get the paint off the floor.

  •   Start by ventilating the room. You should wear a respirator.
  •   Get a clean piece of cloth and put it in the paint thinner
  •   Rub the damp part of the material on the paint and follow the grain’s direction.

There might be some very stubborn stains. If you notice this, you will need to apply a little heat. You can use an iron box or any other useful tool. Set the iron on the lowest setting and place it on the cloth covering the stain. Move the iron on the piece of fabric as an ironing action. Take the cloth piece and rub it on the area. The cloth piece must still be warm while rubbing it on the spot.

Paint thinner is very effective but can damage your laminate floor if you are not careful enough. This method should be avoided as much as possible and only be your last option. Why is this so? The following paragraph says it all.

Laminate flooring planks contain melamine resin, which features adhesives and formaldehyde. And these two elements react with the potent chemicals in paint thinner. By responding, it discolors the laminate floors, and I’m sure you would not like to see your feet discolored.

Another adverse effect of paint thinner is that this substance can affect you also. Paint thinner produces fumes that you should never inhale. The fumes of paint thinner are hazardous to humans and pets.


It is pretty easy to get paint off the laminate floor. This article has explained how to go about it. 

However, consider the safety precautions about the materials that may be dangerous to humans, and pets, such as paint thinner, which could threaten the laminate floor.


Can acetone damage your laminate flooring?

If you do not know what acetone is, acetone is the solvent in nail polish remover. This solvent can, however, pose a threat to your laminate floor. If you use nail polish remover to get paint off your laminate floor, consider that the acetone can damage the finish.

Can baking soda get paint off laminate floors?

Yes, it can. Baking soda is also quite effective in removing paint from laminate floors. However, it is more effective on metal surfaces.

Does alcohol affect laminate floors?

This depends on the concentration of the alcohol and the amount of time you leave it on the floor. If the alcohol is highly concentrated, it could damage the finish. Therefore, if you use potent alcohol, apply it with caution. You can as well dilute it before using it.

What is the safest way to remove paint from laminate floors?

The safest way to remove paint from laminate floors would be a homemade