Do you have some spray paint on your vinyl floor that needs to wipe away? I know having paint splatters on your vinyl floor can be unattractive and frustrating.

The vinyl floor may be easy to clean and maintain, but similar to other floorings, it is subject to staining, including paint stains. However, it is quite easy to remove spray paint from the vinyl floor.

Quick Answer:

  • You can remove spray paint from the vinyl floor using various household items like rubbing alcohol, liquid wax, mineral spirits, nail polish, magic eraser, and commercial solvents, including soapy water.

I will explain how to remove spray paint from the vinyl floor using each material. However, note that removing paint from the vinyl floor is not so hard and it’s best to clean stains early.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is popular among several homeowners, and this is because it isn’t expensive. Most individuals would rather purchase a cheaper item than purchase an expensive one.

 Additionally, the Vinyl floor is available in different colors, styles, and textures. This means you have a variety to choose from with several options.

Its water resistance and durability make it an excellent choice over hardwood and laminate floors. However, they are not immune to paint spills.

It is not too hard to remove spray paint from the vinyl floor. Having paint spills on your vinyl floor may be unpleasant but fortunately, removing the stains isn’t as challenging as you think. You only need to use the correct technique and materials for the job.

Vinyl has a non-porous surface; thus, you may need to spend a long time removing stubborn paint stains, unlike linoleum and natural stone which are porous and absorb stains faster.

The easiest way to remove spray paint from vinyl floor

The easiest way to remove spray paint from your vinyl floor, including other surfaces, is to clean the stain while it’s still fresh. Although it may not remove all the paint, it gets a large part of the stain off the floor. You may afterward, use a cleaning material for a quick and complete clean-up.

You may begin the cleaning with a paper towel by wiping away much of the paint from the floor as possible. Give it a thorough cleaning by starting at the outside of the paint stain while using a wiping and scooping motion to raise the liquid from the surface.

After giving the floor a good wipe, you can afterward, discard the paper towels and use fresh ones. Do this until most of the stain is gone. You can proceed by using an absorbent towel damp with warm water to wipe away the paint residue. Finally, you can use a damp cloth and soapy water to complete the cleaning.

The method above is a basic way to remove paint stains from your vinyl floor. It is easy and fast. However, if you have stubborn dried stains, it might not be totally effective, and may not wipe off all the stains. Now, I will be explaining more about soapy water use, including other methods of removing spray paint from vinyl floors.

Ways to Remove Spray Paint from Vinyl Floor

The table below shows seven different methods to remove spray paint from the vinyl floor including the materials involved. These methods are also applicable to other paint types.

Soapy water usageWarm water, dish soap, a rag/cloth piece, and a bucket
Rubbing alcohol usageRubbing alcohol and cloth piece
Liquid wax usageLiquid wax, a cloth piece/rag, and a superfine steel wool
Mineral spirits usageMineral spirits, water, dish soap, sponge, and soft cloth piece  
Commercial solvent usagePEC-12, gloves, cotton balls, cloth piece/rag, water, goggles, and face mask
Nail polish remover usageNail polish remover, cotton balls, and paper towels
Magic eraser usageMagic eraser

1) Use of Soapy Water

Soapy water works great for linoleum floors, including water-based paint removal. Water-based paint, such as latex and acrylic is the easiest to remove with warm water and soap. If you would be using soapy water, you will need the following materials; warm water, dish soap, a rag/cloth piece, and a bucket.

Below are the steps for removing paint from vinyl floors using soapy water.

  • First, fill a bucket or large container with warm water
  • Afterward, squirt a bit of liquid dish detergent into the water and whirl it with your hand to produce a mildly soapy solution
  • Dunk your rag or cloth piece into the solution and wring out the excess water
  • Clean the floor stain with the cloth piece by working from the outside in
  • Repeat the process until all the stains are gone

2) Use of Rubbing Alcohol

Materials needed: Rubbing alcohol and cloth piece

  • Soak the cloth piece with rubbing alcohol and press the soaked material on the stain for about ten minutes to dissolve the paint
  • Next, rub the soaked cloth piece over the area to remove the stain
  • Repeat the steps using a fresh part of the cloth with more rubbing alcohol until there are no more paint stains
  • Wash the area with enough soapy water and dry it with a clean towel

3) Use of Liquid Wax

This method is one of the top ways to remove paint from the vinyl floor, especially if the stain is dry. You can find this product in many hardware stores and car shops. Liquid wax helps loosen the paint for easy removal.

Materials needed: liquid wax, a cloth piece/rag, and a superfine steel wool

  • Dip a super fine steel wool piece into a liquid wax tub
  • Rub the area lightly in small circular motions
  • Ensure not to apply too much pressure, however, use enough force to remove the paint
  • Wipe the area clean using a warm wet cloth
  • Repeat the steps if necessary

4) Use of Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits; a material commonly used for cleaning paint brushes and, an ingredient in several paint thinners can also be used to remove paint from vinyl floors.

It is derived from crude sources such as petroleum and excellent material to remove dried paint or spray paint off your vinyl floors. You can also use it to remove paint from a garage floor made of concrete.

Materials needed: Mineral spirits, water, dish soap, sponge, and soft cloth piece

  • Damp your cloth piece with mineral spirits and rub on the stain in a small, circular motion. If you prefer a more environment-friendly solvent, I recommend using turpentine
  • Repeat the process using fresh areas of the cloth in each process until the stain is gone
  • Using a sponge wet with warm water, apply a couple of dish soap drops to the vinyl floor, and wipe off the paint residue

5) Use of Commercial Solvent

For very stubborn stains, a commercial solvent can do the trick faster. You can use PEC-12. Commercial solvents are highly effective at removing stains. However, they are toxic, therefore caution is important.

Materials needed: PEC-12, gloves, cotton balls, cloth piece/rag, water, goggles, and face mask.

  • First, you must protect yourself as this product is toxic. Protect yourself by wearing a pair of rubber gloves, goggles, and a face mask. You can also open the room window for good ventilation
  • Next, apply a small PEC-12 amount to a cotton ball and blot the paint stain
  • Repeat the process while using fresh cotton for each process
  • Finally, clean the area thoroughly using a damp cloth

6) Use of Nail Polish Remover

If there are no turpentine, or mineral spirits, including other effective products, you can use nail polish remover. Nail polish removers contain acetone which helps to remove stains.

Materials needed: Nail polish remover, cotton balls, and paper towels.

  • Pour some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub the damp cotton ball on the stained area
  • Once the cotton ball gets dirty, replace it with another and repeat the process. Do this until all the stain is gone
  • Once there is no more stain, wipe the area clean with wet paper towels. You can also wash it with soapy water to remove leftover residue

7) Use of Magic Eraser

The magic eraser is a dura foam sponge that gives a handy tool. It cleans almost any substance type from mold and grime to permanent marker. It is also an excellent choice for eliminating paint stains from vinyl floors.

  • Make a part of the Magic Eraser wet and rub the damp part over the paint stain
  • Using a circular motion, scrub the surface gently until all the stain is gone
  • Get a paper towel and wet it
  • Use a damp paper towel to clean the floor surface to remove leftover residue

How Can You Remove Water-Based Spray Paint From Vinyl Floor

Remember there are oil-based and water-based paints. Spray paints can also be oil-based or water-based. The methods I explained earlier cover both, however, I will explain further how to remove spray paint be it oil-based or water-based. Let’s start with water-based spray paints.

Water-based paint has filler, pigments, and binder, and these three constituents are dissolved in water. Examples of this paint type include latex and acrylic paint. You can easily clean each off the floor using the following steps.

Step One: Excess Paint Removal

Using a dry, soft piece of clothing, wipe up as much of the paint as possible. If it is too much, it would help if you covered it with shredding paper first. Doing so will help absorb the paint to make wiping off easier for you.

Step Two: Use a Wet Towel to Wipe Off the Rest of the Paint

After removing the excess spillage, dip a clean towel in water. Squeeze the excess water and use the towel to remove the remaining spilled paint. Rub the damp towel over the affected spot until you have cleaned as much paint as possible. If the spillage is large, you may need to change the clothing or water, or even both. Note that you could also use damp paper towels.

Step Three: Use a Water Solution & Mild Detergent

Get a bucket of clean water and add a few drops of mild detergent to it. Afterward, soak a soft cloth piece in the solution. Rub the soaked cloth piece over the stained spot to remove the remaining paint.

Step Four: Use Rubbing Alcohol

If there are still paint remnants on the spot even after cleaning with detergent, try using rubbing alcohol. Simply pour several rubbing alcohol drops on a clean cloth piece/rag and rub gently over the stain.

If the paint doesn’t off, place the cloth over the stain and leave it on the spot for about ten minutes. Afterward, rub the area again and rinse with clean water. Then, pat it dry using paper towels.

If the stain does not completely come off on the first attempt, you can repeat the whole process until all the paint is gone. Just ensure that you are not using alcohol every time, as you might end up bleaching the floor. Instead, use mild detergent and water.

How Can You Remove Oil-Based Spray Paint From Vinyl Floor

Oil-based paint is produced from an organic solvent, typically mineral turpentine. Cleaning oil-based paint off the floor is much easier because it dries much slower. To clean oil-based paint off your vinyl floor, you can follow the steps below.

Step One: Excess Paint Removal

Similar to water-based paint stains, the first step to take is wiping up the excess stains with a clean, soft cloth. Simply dip the cloth in clean water. Then use the wet cloth to scoop up and wipe the paint. Do this until you cannot remove more paint using the clothing.

Step Two: Rubbing Alcohol Usage

Now, pour some rubbing alcohol onto a fresh clothing piece and place the clothing on the stained area. If the spot is large, you may require many clothing pieces. Wait for about ten minutes for the alcohol in the clothing to have an effect on the area. Afterward, dip a cloth piece in clean water and use the damp cloth piece to wipe everything off.

Step Three: Liquid Wax & Steel Wool Usage

If the stain is very challenging and perhaps, still there, dip steel wool in liquid wax and use the damp steel wool to scrub the stain gently. Ensure, however, that the steel wool is superfine to avoid scratching the vinyl floor.

Step Four: Clean the Spot Using Mild Soap

After removing the paint, prepare a mild soap and water solution. Use the solution to clean the area. You can use a mop or clean cloth to rub over the spot. Afterward, leave the area to dry. You can then apply a thin wax coat to restore its shine.

How Can I Remove Dried Spray Paint From Vinyl Floor

You might be wondering, “Can I remove dried paint from a vinyl floor? Is this possible?” Well, yes it is. You can use the methods explained earlier in this article. I will also give more tips on how you can remove dried paint from a vinyl floor in this section.

Once your paint dries, getting rid of it can be challenging. However, you can still remove it; so far you have the appropriate tools and are following the right procedure.

Step One: Scrape Off the Spray Paint

First, scrape off the dried paint with a plastic scraper. You could also use a spatula or plastic spoon for the job. If none of the options works, you can use a razor. However, ensure to use it carefully to avoid cutting and ruining the vinyl.

Step Two: Use Paint Remover to Loosen/Remove the Stain

Pour several paint remover drops on a clean cloth and rub the damp cloth over the stain to loosen/ remove it. For stubborn stains, you can add more paint remover. Keep rubbing until all the paint has come off.

Step Three: Clean the Spot/Area

Next, mix water with mild detergent and use the solution to clean the area with a cloth piece. Afterward, rinse with clean water. This step helps to remove any chemical residue. Pat the spot dry using a dry cloth or paper towel. You can also leave it to air dry instead.

Note: You can remove paint from your vinyl floor with simple products available in your home.

How can I Remove Wet Spray Paint From the Vinyl Floor?

Cleaning wet paint is always easier than drying/drying one. It does not require materials like mineral spirit, rubbing alcohol, etc in removing wet paint. If you have some wet paint on your floor, simply get a rag/cloth piece. Use the rag to clean the paint off the floor by working from the outside in. Afterward, wash the floor with dishwashing detergent and warm water.

How can I Remove Gloss Paint from The Vinyl Floor?

If you accidentally spill some gloss paint on your vinyl floor, act quickly to remove as much of the gloss paint from your vinyl floor by using some rags or old clothing. Work from the outside by using the rag/clothing to keep the paint moist as long as possible.

 After removing as much paint as possible, wash the floor using warm water and dishwashing detergent/ mild soap.

Extra Tips to Remove Spray Paint from Vinyl Floors

The tips below are helpful when removing paint from a vinyl floor. Take your time reading them carefully.

  • When cleaning your vinyl floor, use only mild cleaners. This is because not all cleaners are mild as some can be harsh on your vinyl flooring. It would also help if you used a soft mop only. It is best to not use abrasive detergents or scrubbers to avoid damaging the floor. Additionally, avoid using products that contain ammonia. This is because ammonia is corrosive and can ruin your vinyl floor.
  • You can clean both fresh and dried paint from your vinyl floor; however, if you can clean the paint while it is still fresh, I would advise you to do so. Cleaning the paint while it is still fresh makes its removal easier than when the paint is dry.
  • Before wiping up paint from your vinyl floor, ensure to find out whether the paint is water-based or oil-based. Doing so will help you figure out the most appropriate way to remove it from your vinyl floor. This information is always indicated on the paint container.
  • Never mix paint removal chemicals or cleaners. This is because the resulting solution could ruin your vinyl. Also, the fumes could be deadly.
  • When using chemical products, always wear protective equipment like masks, gloves, and goggles. Also, ensure that the room is well-ventilated. Accidentally inhaling or ingesting cleaning products can be harmful. Also, if these chemicals come into contact with your eyes, ensure to immediately rinse your eyes with sufficient water.
  • Before using any product, first, test it on an unnoticeable area to determine whether it is suitable for vinyl or not.
  • Use only cold water to wipe paint up your vinyl floor. While warm water may help remove stain faster, it may cause sudden expansion of the vinyl, and this may cause it to warp.

For more explanation on how to remove spray paint from a vinyl floor, watch the video below.


Removing spray paint from a vinyl floor is not as hard as you might think. The same goes for other paint types. The methods I explained in this article apply to all paint kinds. Whenever you accidentally spill some paint on your vinyl floor, it is best to clean it immediately. This will make its cleaning easier.

For the most part, you can get rid of paint stains with water, mild detergent, and a cloth piece only. However, you can only use these three materials when the paint is still fresh. Once the paint gets dried, removing it from your vinyl floor will require extra work, effort, and materials.