Want to change the Yeti cup? Then this article will help you.

Yeti cups are a famous tumbler many people use. It is best to keep your drink cold or hot for several hours. However, they are primarily in several colors and quickly come in solid. Moreover, their appearance is not exciting and beautiful.  

Fortunately, Yeti cups are easy to apply spray paint. To spray paint a Yeti cup, choose whatever color you want, prepare the surface, and add some coats of spray paint.

You can utilize any stainless steel mug if you don’t have any Yeti cups.

How to Spray Paint a Yeti Cup

Preparing the Yeti cup for spray paint 

Before painting, you have to prepare the yeti cup.

To prepare the yeti surface, you will need the following:

Fine grit sandpapersoapHot water
spongeSome plastic materialPainter`s tape

Instructions to prepare a Yeti cup for spray paint

To spray paint a Yeti cup, prepare the surface properly. It makes the painting process more accessible and helps to get better results.

Step 1: Sand the yeti cup with fine-grit sandpaper

Sand the surface using sandpaper along the cup until you get a smooth surface. The softer the character is, the easier it will be to apply the spray paint to the Yeti cup.

Use another piece of fine-grit sandpaper if your sandpaper wears out while sanding the Yeti cup.

Step 2: Clean the Yeti cup with soap and hot water.

After sanding the surface, clean it with soap and hot water.

 You can use a sponge to spread the soap around the entire outside surface of the Yeti cup. After cleaning the cup, ensure no excess soap is on the surface. Then, use a clean and dry towel to dry the cup until it is free of any damp parts.

Step 3: Apply painter’s tape to the lip of the Yeti cup and any other areas you are not willing to paint

You may want not to paint any area of the cup, mainly the lip of the yeti cup. Applying painter’s tape to the lip of the Yeti cup will prevent your mouth will not touch the paint when you drink from the cup.

There aren’t any other essential parts that will not be painted. However, you can apply wherever you want. If you want to leave the original finish of your cup, you can tape off the lip around the bottom of the rug or wherever.

Additional step: Apply vinyl decals

You can use vinyl decals to have fun and creative designs on your yet cup. They act as stencils for spray paints.

You can apply your favorite team’s logos, your name, or a picture of animals or flowers you like on your Yeti cup.

Step 4: Covering the opening of the yeti cup using plastic

Paint may be dangerous if you ingest them. So you must ensure any color doesn’t get inside your Yeti cup. You can wrap some plastic over the cup’s opening and hold it in place using a rubber band or painter’s tape.

The other way is to seal the lid in a plastic ziplock bag and put the covered lid over the opening place. 

Step 5: Move the cup to a well-ventilated area

When using spray paint, you should find the best places. A backyard or the workplace of a garage can be examples.

You may have many options, wherever you choose, and put the cup, make sure you will not breathe too many spray paint fumes while doing your painting project.

Tip: you should be far from the thing you consider valuable and you don’t want them to get painted on.

Step 6: Place the cup upside down on a cardboard or a canvas drop cloth

The yeti cup should be level and stable on the surface you place it on. You should be careful, so it will not fall over while applying the spray paint.

Placing the cup upside down helps prevent the inside of the cup from getting the spray paint.

 You may be using cardboard or a canvas drop cloth. They help you to keep the area you are painting clean. 

How to spray paint a Yeti cup

Step 1: Choose a color of spray paint for your Yeti cup

You can choose any color you want.

Step 2: Shake the spray paint can before using

All spray paints mention shaking the spray paint can at first because shaking the spray paint cans helps the paint ingredients mix well before you start using the color.

Shaking the can also prevent the can from emitting unsightly spatter when you have just begun to use it.

You should shake the can for 10-15 seconds in most cases, or you can learn how long you should shake the can by reading the instructions on the can.

Step 3: Hold the spray paint can about 30 cm away

You should keep the balance of holding the can to get an even coat. Hold the can 30 cm (1 foot) away from the Yeti cup.

If you spray the paint too close, you cannot get an even coat. Moreover, the spray paint seems like running down the cup.

Step 4: Spray a thin layer of paint on the Yeti cap

I recommend not spraying a thick coat of paint. And don’t try to make the cup as dark as you want it to become.

Rather than thick layers, applying several light coats of paint is preferable. It also helps to give the cup a better look when you finish your painting work.

Do not touch any surface when spraying paint on the exterior surface.

If you have missed any part of the surface, walk around the cup and spray paint all the sides.

Otherwise, wear a glove and carefully turn the cup, and apply the spray paint.

Step 5: Allow the yeti cup to dry for at least 10 minutes

After applying the first coat of paint, you should wait until it is dry before using any other additional jacket.

The spray paint should be dry after just 10 minutes or about so. You can check the spray paint can to learn when to dry it. 

Step 6: Apply the next additional coat of paint

Once the first coat of paint is dry, you can apply the next coat of paint.

You can have as many additional ones as you want or until you get the exact color, you wanted.

Do not forget to allow the spray paint to dry before adding additional coats.

How to finish the spray paint a Yeti cup

Step 1: Apply a coat of polyacrylic sealer

Sealer protects the paint jobs and makes your Yeti cup smooth to the touch after being painted. You can use a small brush to apply a coat of sealer to the all-painted surface of the Yeti cup.

Step 2: Allow the sealer to dry for at least 15 minutes

You should check the can of your sealer to determine how long it will take to dry. The first coat of your sealer should be completely dry before applying the next coat.

Step 3: Apply the subsequent additional coats of sealer

You will finish your painting after applying 3 or 4 coats of sealer. If you think the yeti cup could still be smooth or are concerned about protecting the finish of your paint job, you must mainly apply a fourth coat.

Step 4: Remove the painter’s tape from the cup

You can get the painter’s tape off if you are done painting.

If you have used vinyl decals, you should also remove them. You can take them with your fingernails; if you cannot, use the edge of scissors or a different tool to start peeling the vinyl decals back. When you remove them, your chosen design should be left behind as an unpainted area.

Step 5: Let the Yeti cup sit for 24 hours before using it for drinking from it

After 24 hours, the paint and sealer should dry, and your cup will be ready.

Tip: You should keep the cans of spray paint away from the heat sources. Spray paint cans may explode if they get too hot. Even don’t store them around anything that emits heat when you have done painting.

Make sure not to apply spray paint or sealer on the lip of the yeti cup, because they are dangerous to ingest.

What to paint yeti cups

You can use acrylic paint or spray paint to paint your Yeti cup. To paint the tumbler, you may need these items.

1.       Spray paint

2.       Acrylic paint

3.       Oil-based paint pens

Spray Paint

Spray paints are the best, as you can apply them quickly, giving your Yeti cup a smooth and even texture.

How to paint a Yeti cup with spray paint:

1.   Wash the yeti cup with soap and water. Use painter’s tape on the area you don’t want to paint.

2.   Sake the can continuously for 2 minutes.

3.   Hold the can at least 6 inches away, spray thin, and even coat. You should apply multiple thin coats over one thick coat of paint to get better results.

4.   Wait for the cup to dry thoroughly before adding additional coats (drying time can vary depending on the spray paint you use).

5. Let the cup cure entirely for 24 hours after painting. When it is dry, you can use a sealer.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a prevalent type of paint that can be used on many surfaces. So you can use acrylic paint on stainless steel surfaces, tumblers, and cups.

Remember priming the surface before applying paint is essential. It helps the surface to adhere to the surface. Priming ensures the color applies smoothly and evenly on the surface. 

After painting the cup, add a sealant after the paint has dried thoroughly to protect the surface from chipping.

How to paint Yeti cups with acrylic paint

1.       Clean the tumbler with dish soap and water. Use painter’s tape not to paint the area you don’t want to.

2.       Choose a color. If you cannot choose from the color options, you can make a color by mixing acrylic paints.

3.       You can apply acrylic paint using the paintbrush. Apply the color over the cup. Try to spread thinly and even coat.

4. Let the paint dry thoroughly before applying the next coat or another color.

5.       Once you have finished painting the cup, let the paint cure fully. Then you can use a paint sealer.

Usually, the spray paint cures entirely after 24 hours or more.

Oil-based paint pens

Oil-based paint pens are the best for making artistic and modern designs on your Yeti cup. You can use them quickly, and they give a smooth finish.

You can use paint pens on many surfaces, including wood, metal, leather, plastic, glass, and stone.

How to paint yeti cup with oil-based paint pens

1.   Clean the surface using soap and water. Allow the surface to dry completely.

2.   Apply painter’s tape to the areas you don’t want to paint.

3.   Before painting, shake the pen for several minutes. Use the painting pens on a Yeti cup like regular markers.

4.   Let the paint dry thoroughly before applying another coat of paint. Usually, it takes a minute or more, depending on the product. Then, you can use additional coats.

5.   Allow the cup to cure for 24 hours before applying the sealer.

Final verdict

Yeti cups are famous drink cups for their design and durability. But they are available only in several colors. However, you can change the color of your Yeti cup with a few steps and give it a modern look.

You should choose the paint that can be used on your painting surface. Among all paint types, spray paints are most common for painting a yeti cup as it is easy to apply spray paint on all surfaces.

When you start painting the yeti cup, read the article carefully, follow the steps, and try not to skip any of them.