If you are a user of acrylic paint this article is for you. Because now we talk about acrylic paint. And today’s basic question is whether acrylic paint is permanent or not.

My short answer is yes. You can consider that acrylic paint is permanent when the paint has completely dried. Many crafters prefer to use acrylic paint because of its several features. Water resistance, quick drying, affordability, and ease of use can be examples of it.

But if you want to make the paint last longer you can seal acrylic paint. A top coat is also important to guarantee acrylic paint onto the surface.

In this article, you can find more information about acrylic paint and its permanency.

  • Permanency of acrylic paint in wood, plastic, metal, clothes, fabrics, and so on;
  • How long does acrylic paint last longer;
  • Sealing or top coating to make the surface the right way;

These questions are also the ones which you can get information here.

If you are ready to know how to make acrylic paint permanent let’s get started!

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent

Is acrylic paint permanent on clothes?

I can say without hesitation that acrylic paint is not permanent on clothes until you seal them. So if you accidentally apply your cloth with acrylic paint don’t worry. You have got several ways of getting rid of acrylic paint on clothes.

In what cases can be acrylic paint permanent on clothes? The first case is the sealing of the paint on clothes. It is very simple and easy to seal the fabric. You only need a fabric medium or fabric seal to seal the paint. But it is better to use a fabric medium to seal the material. Because it makes fabric harsh which is comfortable to wear.

Just pour the solution into the bottle of paint and mingle it well. Or you can apply the solution over the painted surface of the fabric. After drying a fabric medium it can create a bond with the cloth and acrylic paint.

To know the permanency of acrylic paint on clothes after sealing wash them in a washing machine. It will be better to use a fabric softener to wash your cloth.  When your cloth’s color is darker, cold water is the best choice to look at as the paint is fresh.

Another way of making permanent acrylic paint is using the heat-set technique. But this way is somehow difficult compared to the fabric medium.

You should wait for 24 hours before painting the surface to dry off. After drying completely let it stay 4 days or more according to the situation. And then wash it thoroughly.

While the heat-seat procedure, pay attention to the iron whether it is on the steam or not. It helps acrylic paint to settle down properly to the surface.

If the iron will come automatically switch off the steam setting. You should empty the vessel.

To make acrylic paint permanent there is some useful information is given below:

  • It is not a good idea to pour the apparel or garment straight. Instead, you can use a plastic cup to test the medium. Just pour in it and apply it with the help of the paintbrush over the paint.
  • You should wait until the paint is fully dried and then you can move to the next stage.
  • Place the material you are painting on a hard area, like a table or cardboard.
  • Remember, one medium is for a time. While trying to coat let each coat dry thoroughly.

Is acrylic paint permanent on wood?

Acrylic paint can be both permanent or temporary on wood. In most cases, it is up to the preparation. The more clearly and properly the surface is the longer permanency of acrylic paint will be.  Otherwise, acrylic paint might not adhere to the painted area. In this case, don’t expect a long duration of paint on the wooden area.

Sand the area profoundly and remove the old residues from the surface. Wipe it with a clean rag. If the area is so dirty use soapy warm water to get rid of any remains.

If your surface is heat-sealed, treated, stained, and then sealed your paint might not adhere to the painted area. The key to the permanency of acrylic paint on such kinds of wooden areas is sealing and priming. You should apply a sealer and a primer before using acrylic paint on wood straightly. It helps to adhere the acrylic paint to the surface thoroughly.

Many professional crafters recommend applying a sealer. Since it can protect from various elements which scratch the surface.  So be careful while painting. You should sand and prime the surface before applying the paint.

But if your wooden surface is untreated and unsealed you can apply acrylic paint directly. Because blank wood bonds itself with acrylic paint accurately.

You can get more information from this video:

How to use wood primer tutorial | Avko Interior Sealer Filler Primer Tutorial

Is acrylic paint permanent on plastic

I can say acrylic paint is permanent on plastic. It is somehow complicated to achieve the result compared to the other materials. But it is possible. Below you can read the step-by-step instructions about how to make your paint permanent on plastic.

  1. Clean the plastic surface.
  2. Sand the area with sandpaper slightly. Be careful choosing the right sandpaper. It is better to use a softer one for plastic tools.
  3. Wipe the area with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt which appeared after sanding.
  4. Use a primer. It helps acrylic paint to adhere properly to the surface.
  5. Paint the area. It is better to have thin coatings than thick ones. So don’t use too much paint in one area.
  6. The final step is sealing. It is a good idea to use a sealer to achieve permanency on plastic.

Dry time after each coating, priming, and sealing is the important stage. So make sure that you should let each coating dry thoroughly.

Is acrylic paint permanent on metal?

Definitely, yes. Acrylic paint is ideal for metal when applied thickly. But before painting, you should prepare the surface properly as usual.

What can you do to prepare the metal when you apply acrylic paint?

The first thing you need to do is roughen the surface. You can do it by grinding conventionally. As an alternative, you can use sandpaper to roughen it.

Before painting be careful with the surface. Some types of metal demand priming and others do not. The metal which has already properties to prevent oxidation such as stainless steel doesn’t need to be prime. But it is better to use a primer for a metal that is exposed to different exposed influences.

Is acrylic paint permanent on leather?

It is the most durable method and is considered a handy way to paint shoes. Acrylic paint is waterproof and resilient when painted on leather shoes. It may crumble on leather shoes after some time. But you can apply it one more time or seal acrylic paint to guarantee durability on leather shoes.

Is acrylic paint permanent on ceramic?

Ceramic and acrylic paint come out very well together. You can apply acrylic paint by hand or spray the paint properly. To achieve a permanent surface use a sealer or a primer before painting the surface.

There are several stages of making acrylic paint permanent on ceramic. To do this you need a few things:

Warm waterEpoxy varnish
soapUrethane varnish

Stage 1: Do not forget about cleaning the surface before painting. It is the most essential and basic unit of painting. So wash the ceramic with warm soapy water.

Stage 2: At the beginning of your next stage be careful whether the surface is dried fully or not. In this stage sand, the ceramic until all the gloss will remove.

Stage 3: You should apply a primer twice. It is better thin coats rather than a thick one.

Stage 4: To make acrylic paint permanent sand the surface lightly one more time. But be careful the first coat should be dried fully first.

Stage 5: The final coat demands more time to dry fully. It takes approximately 2 or 3 days to achieve a droughty surface.

Stage 6: To make acrylic paint permanent on ceramic use urethane or epoxy varnish. It also helps to get a glossy finish.

Is acrylic paint permanent on markers?

This question may be somehow strange, but it can be seen in acrylic paint in marker pens. As an answer, you can consider that acrylic paints are permanent on markers. Moreover, acrylic paints are durable, waterproof, and quick-drying when applied to markers.

Is acrylic paint permanent on glass?

Of course, acrylic paint is permanent on the glass when applied properly. It is the most suitable one on glass. But you should choose the right one to achieve the adhesion of the paint on the glass surface.

Acrylic enamel paint is ideal to paint glass. Many painters prefer to use acrylic enamel paint to decorate window and glass areas. because it is easy and handy to use. Moreover, acrylic enamel paint adheres sufficiently to smooth surfaces, including glass. Besides these, this type of paint is considered a long-lasting paint for glass.

It is more handy and easy to use especially for holiday window decorations. When you want to come off the paint acrylic paint can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

There are several steps to make permanent acrylic paint on the glass when painting. Below you can read these tips:

  1. First of all, you should clean the surface of the glass. Rubbing alcohol and silicone cleaners help you to remove dirt easily from the glass.
  2. Use a primer that is suitable for the glass. After spraying the primer wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Dry time for acrylic paint is also important. So let it dry fully.
  4. It is better for acrylic paint to use a sealer to protect from any exterior elements which damage the glass.
Is Acrylic Paint Permanent

The durability of acrylic paint

The usability of acrylic paint can last approximately 15 years. But this statement is for unopened and well-stored acrylic paints. But during this time try not to disturb the liquid of the can. When the liquid is exposed to outside liquid evaporation may happen.

But, acrylic paint’s durability can last even when exposed to air. You can consider the paint usable until the balanced liquid is gone.

Acrylic paint can withstand several centuries. The material is not important. Acrylic paint on glass, wood, metal, and plastic can endure for a long time when applied properly.

If the painted area is indoors the durability may last longer. Because it has protection from water and sunlight damage. You don’t need to seal the paint. But be careful it must not be exposed to different elements.

When your painted area is outdoors try to seal the paint. It also helps to lengthen the longevity of acrylic paint on different elements.

Well-storing and the balance of the solid-to-liquid ratio are the most important factors of the durability of acrylic paint. It may be profitable after 15-20 years.

How can you make the acrylic paint permanent?

There are two basic elements of making acrylic paint permanent.

  • Paying attention to the dry time
  • Using a sealer.

Normally, acrylic paint can last for a noticeable time on the surface you have painted. It just needs to adhere to the area to protect it from different elements. If you want to ensure further permanence of the acrylic paint seals it lightly.

There are different ways of sealing according to the nature of the surface. Each of them demands different requirements to seal.

1FabricTo seal a fabric you need to mix acrylic paint with a fabric medium. You can also use heat to set the paint. It can protect from water that causes pigments on the surface.
2WoodYou should sand the wooden surface to adhere to the surface. But try not to use varnish to seal the surface. It can not help acrylic paint to be permanent. Just sand the area and prime it after drying thoroughly. 
3GlassUse a primer before applying acrylic paint. And after drying sealing the surface helps acrylic paint to make permanent on the glass.
4CeramicPrimer and epoxy varnish is appropriate treatments for ceramic to make permanent the paint.
5PlasticSanding and sealing is a suitable way to protect the plastic surface
6MetalJust sand the area. If needed you can prime the surface. But not always.

Final thoughts

Acrylic paint is becoming more and more popular among artists. Because it is

  • Non-toxic
  • Water soluble
  • Permanent when dried fully

To achieve further longevity of acrylic paint you can use varnish, sealer, sandpaper, and primer. But try to choose the way according to the nature of the material. You can consider acrylic paint permanent on wooden areas, glass, metal, plastic, leather, and markers. Just be careful while painting the surface.


Can you make acrylic paint permanent?

It is possible to make acrylic paint permanent if you mix it with mediums that are meant to make the paint permanent. You can also make it permanent using an iron and heat setting it.

Can acrylic paint wash off?

Yes, it can. Dishwashing soap and water is the most useful and the most accessible thing you can use to wash acrylic paint.