Everybody likes spray paint because of its ease to use and beautiful finish after paint.

Sometimes we spray paint on the mirror when executing an interior or furniture design. But what happens when you accidentally split spray paint on the mirror?

In this article, We will share simple steps to get spray paint off the mirror. So, are you ready?

13 Simple Ways To Get Spray Paint Off A Mirror

If you wish to get spray paint from a mirror surface, spray the surface with some water and wait for some minutes. Then you should apply a wet melamine sponge to scrub the surface. When you scrub repeatedly, the paint will start coming off.

There are different ways to get spray paint off any surface. So, you can test these other methods if you still have some paint stains on your mirror after doing the technique above.

1. Nail Polish Remover

This is the easiest way to get paint stains from a mirror surface. You may quickly get nail polish remover around you.

It includes acetone, a chemical that helps to dissolve the spray paint. You should get a folded paper or cotton ball and dip it inside a nail polish remover. Use the sticky substance on the affected area.

You can use more of the nail polish remover and use it repeatedly to get the stains off. That way, you would not end up breaking the glass.

2. Vinegar

You may resort to cleaning vinegar if your paint stains are still difficult to remove. It’s a bit different from ordinary vinegar.

Be sure to wear your rubber gloves before you use cleaning vinegar. You should use a cotton ball to apply it. And give it some moments to complete the job.

Finally, you may remove the paint stains with a soft cloth (preferably cotton).

3. Graffiti Remover

You need any professional assistance with your paint stains if you have graffiti remover.

This effective stain remover is safe for environments where people and pets live in. However, before you begin, you should test the chemical on an area that is not too visible.

Mask the mirror’s border with the painter’s tape. Do your spraying 7 inches from the affected area. Make sure you put enough chemicals to soak the stains.

4. Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

 You must wear your rubber gloves before doing anything because some of these chemicals are harmful.

You can spray an easy-off oven cleaner on the affected area. Ensure the chemical does not touch the mirror design or the wooden area.

You can mask those areas with painter’s tape to ensure complete protection. Wait 30 seconds after applying the easy-off oven cleaner before scrubbing the paint off. This way, you can be sure of a shiny mirror without paint stains.

Sometimes you may apply more pressure on some areas when removing the stains since they may not be evenly distributed.

5. Paint Thinner

Removing paint stains with gentle removers may be difficult when they have become dried and strong after some days. You can work with paint thinners such as Toluene, Naphtha, Sunnyside, and turpentine in such a situation.

Before you work with any of them, be sure the place is adequately ventilated.

You should insert a small portion of cloth in the thinner. Apply to the area that is affected. You need to wear your rubber gloves when doing this.

Wait a while, so the thinner can penetrate the paint and weaken it to weaken the thick paint. Then you may wipe the stains off afterward.

6. Scrapper

You may get your paint stains off the old-fashioned way if you don’t like chemicals. You may use a sharp razor blade to scrape it off.

Mix hot water and liquid soap for a more effective process. Use the mixture on the affected region with a small towel.

You should allow some minutes for the soap solution to penetrate the paint stains. This is very nice, as it helps to prevent scratches from appearing in the mirror.

You need to be cautious so you don’t scratch the glass. Try to move the blade from one end to another and lift the razor after every stroke. You shouldn’t drag the blade in the opposite direction since that can create a scratch.

You should stop the process at the slightest occurrence of any unpleasant sound. Apply another blade when that happens.

Do the process gently until you have done all the paint stains. You should rewash the mirror with soap to rinse off every stain.

7. Hairdryer

You can try using a hairdryer to get spray paint off the mirror, but you cannot access the abovementioned items.

Firstly, try to weaken the paint by spraying a soap solution on the paint-affected area.

Put on the hairdryer, and apply a damp and soft cloth to wipe it.

Be cautious so you don’t spray other furniture items in the space. So, you can reposition all the items to ensure they are not stained.

Some furniture pieces may be hard to move around, so here is what you can do with such items. Apply old bedsheets to cover them. Throw a plastic sheet over them. Then use newspaper to cover them.

If you only want to cover the edges, you can do it with masking tape. Those preventive measures can prevent you from spoiling valuable items as you clean.

8. Steel Wool Soap Pad

You can use steel wool pads for scrubbing pots and pans.

This may be the quickest way to get the paint removed without too much hassle. You should wet the soap pad and rub it over the mirror. Then wipe with a cloth.

9. Magic Eraser

You can also use a melamine sponge (a magic eraser) to get paint off the mirror. You should contact the sponge wet. Then smooth the sponge over the mirror surface until all the paint comes off.

This method does not involve much scrubbing, and it works excellently on oversized floor mirrors.

10. Hairspray

If you don’t have the above products, you can use hairspray to remove spray paint from the mirror. Firstly, spray the area with spray paint and let sit for a minute. Then wipe the paint off. Wipe the area with a clean cloth. You may do it twice to remove all the spray paint.

11. Rubbing Alcohol

You may also get spray paint off a mirror by using rubbing alcohol. You can apply some alcohol and water onto a clean cloth. Wipe the surface until all the paint comes off.

12. WD-40

WD-40 can quickly get spray paint off mirrors. It is also cheap. First, apply the WD-40 onto a clean rag. Then you may wipe it all over the area that has been painted.

Ensure no residue is left behind after you have finished removing the paint.

WD-40 acts as a degreaser to dissolve this type of substance so that it will break down the bonds in the paint. Allow it to be wiped off easily.

13. Dry Erase Marker

Another solution is to use a dry-erase marker. You can use it on most mirrors since it works great. Rub the dry-erase marker over the paint until it completely disappears.

This isn’t good for large spray paint areas because it can become tedious. But, if you have a smaller area with just a bit of spray paint on the mirror, it is a quick and effortless solution.

ToolsBenefits of them
Nail polish removerQuick and painless
VinegarDoes an impressive job of removing paint
Graffiti removerEffective
Easy-off oven cleanerEasy to use
Paint thinnerCan penetrate the paint and make it weak
ScrapperNot chemical
HairdryerNot chemical
Steel wool soap padEasy to use
Magic eraserEffective for removing grease and paints.
Hair sprayEasy to apply
Rubbing alcoholEffective
WD-40Cheaper than other tools
Dry erase markerQuick and effortless

How to get dried spray paint off a mirror

There are a few different ways to get dried spray paint off of a mirror. One way is to use a razor blade to scrape it off.

Another way is to use a paint thinner or acetone to dissolve the paint. You can also try using a heavy-duty cleaner or degreaser.

They should do the trick if you have any of these products on hand. Test them on a small area first to ensure they don’t damage the mirror.

How to get acrylic paint off a mirror

If you accidentally get acrylic paint on a mirror, don’t panic! There are a few simple ways to remove it. First, use a hairdryer to heat the paint and make it easier to scrape off.

Gently rub the paint until it starts to lift off, then use a soft cloth to wipe it away. Try using a glass cleaner or a commercial paint stripper as well.

Be sure to test any products you use on a small area first to ensure they won’t damage the mirror.

How to get gloss paint off a mirror

Scrape off as much as possible first with a razor blade. Then, use a cloth soaked in acetone to remove any remaining stains. Finally, use a glass cleaner to clean the mirror and remove any streaks or smudges.


Spray paint dries quickly on mirrors. It can be challenging to get it since it bonds so well. There are many ways to remove it quickly. The best methods can be steel wood soap pads, melamine sponges, and nail polish remover.

These are the most effective ways to get spray paint off a mirror. Because you know how to get spray paint off a mirror, you shouldn’t worry about this problem again.