Several colors go well with a gray roof. An example is a blue color. Imagine having a gray-roofed house with a perfect color to match it. You would be happy with the house’s look and might not hesitate to boast about your home’s attractiveness to your friends.

Cool colors like blue, brown, purple, white, and green are perfect for a gray roof. Some other color paints also seem to go well with a gray roof.

In this article, I will share some exciting content about gray roofs and color paints suitable for them.

What Color Paint Goes With a Gray Roof?

Gray Color and Gray-Roofed Houses

The gray color is prevalent in architecture and design, which explains why many designers suggest selecting a gray roof.

What is the reason behind it?

The gray roof combines various colors, enabling future homeowners to experiment and possess original home outdoor designs.

Gray color gives beauty in whatever way you use it. There is a wide range of gray shades, from light, delicate shades to gloomy dark shades.

A gray shade can look completely different if used in other materials and textures and under different lighting. Different shades of gray are:

  • Simple, cold, medium-light shades such as white-gray and light gray
  • Neutral, medium shades such as silver and medium-gray
  • Gray-beige shades or warm tones such as gray-beige
  • Shades with a green undertone. Examples are greenish-gray, khaki, and olive
  • Shades with a lilac undertone; lilac-gray, anthracite, and taupe
  • Gray shades that have a blue undertone; bluish-gray, Marengo, and slate
  • Dark shades such as asphalt and dark gray

Shades of Gray in the Pantone System

Concerning Pantone, light gray shades are relaxed and most suitable for some colors, which have been explained below:

  • Blue color: Different shades of blue deepen the feeling of the coolness of light gray. Light blue shades give a specific crystallinity to the composition. Dark blue tones give severity, while bright blue tones contrast unexpectedly.
  • Brown color: Gray shade must contrast with brown to give a full-fledged combination. Examples of brown shades that fit a gray color are dark brown, golden chestnut, dark chestnut, and cinnamon. When used, these colors stand out against its background as they are much warmer or darker than gray.
  • Beige: A combination of beige and brown combines dark and light, warm and cold, and simultaneous contrast. Using this combination, you will see that they look rich and beautiful.
  • Olive color: Olive color combines two remarkable and life-affirming shades that provide a calm range, close to the natural colors of nature. The green hue appears lively and fun next to the main gray one.

Color Paints That Go with a Gray Roof

The exterior design of a house gives the house a unique aspect and style. When designing your home, you can choose to use a light gray or dark gray roof, as those are the significant shades.

When selecting specific materials for your façade, it is essential to consider the shape and style of your home and landscaping. The contemporary style of the houses requests natural combinations and monochrome designs.

Thus, you might consider combining a gray roof with colors from an identical color scheme. Let’s now discuss more paint colors suitable for light and dark gray roofs.

1) Light-Gray Roofs

What Color Paint Goes With a Gray Roof

Off-white shades are appropriate for a light gray color. Combining a light gray color with off-white shades creates a contrast, and when contrast is created, it attracts the attention of passers-by. Your neighbors and friends will also admire its gorgeousness. Some of these off-white shades and light gray combinations include:

  • Light Gray & White: This color combination contrasts and makes the house’s exterior look charming. With a light ray roof and white color paint, your home will look more refined and attractive.
  • Light Gray & Brown: A brown paint color with a light gray roof is versatile and complex. For these two colors to harmoniously complement each other, choosing the right shades, the “temperature” of the undertone, and keeping the proportions would be best. Brown and gray are natural shades, which explains why these tones look most beneficial in open areas.
  • Light Gray & Beige: If you wish to have a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with calm tones, consider using beige paint with your gray-colored roof.

2) Dark-Gray Roofs

You can use light and brighter colors for exterior colors that match with dark-gray roofs or, perhaps, darker tones. You can try combining paint colors like blue and green with your gray roof for more original color solutions and facade appearance. Pink is also an option.

1) Dark Grey & Blue: Combining a nice blue color with a dark grey roof changes the gray tones into an actual “silver lightning.” Combining a dark gray roof with blue shades turns silver, protecting, framing, and providing more value to the design. Examples of different blue shades are royal blue, Prussian blue, cobalt, sapphire, sea green, and violet, and these shades are splendid for dark gray colors. Thus, these color paints are perfect for a dark grey roof.

2) Dark Grey & Green: Using green color paint on the exterior of your house with a gray roof will make the green shades even colder. This creates quite an interesting effect and a unique solution for the exterior. Examples of green shades you can use are emerald, turquoise, mint, olive, etc. Whatever green shade you choose, ensure that they adequately correspond to each other regarding saturation level.

3) Dark Gray & Pink: A combination of pink and gray is also perfect! This combination is considered very common and one of the most popular options. If you use the proper saturation of pink shade, the façade can become less formal and seasoned. Also, the pink color will acquire the missing expressiveness and brightness.

Other Paint Colors That Go with a Gray Roof

Other Paint Colors That Go with a Gray Roof
  • Yellow

Yellow and gray is a classic color pairing that works well on all kinds of houses. To obtain a more traditional look, you can pair a sunny light yellow with a light gray roof. You can also use a brighter yellow for your roof for a more edgy look. Very bright mustard works well with a gray monochromatic color scheme as a door accent.

  • Brick Tones

If you have a dark gray roof, the natural colors of bricks can be a source of inspiration for you. Examples of brick tones you can use include reds ranging from bright to burgundy. Also, rich shades of orange and some elements of buff are excellent options.

  • Gray

A gray roof with gray color paint on the exterior walls isn’t a bad idea. Such color pairing is considered to be a monochromatic color scheme. You can combine a shade of gray color paint, either several shades lighter or darker than the gray used for the roof. One thing, perhaps, you shouldn’t do is use the exact shade of gray for both the top and the exterior. Doing this will only make the outcome look of the house either too heavy or washed out.

Also, if you are considering going for a monochromatic look for your house, it would be best to try viewing the undertones in the roof color. I’m sure you would prefer a gray color that brings out the house’s color. For example, if there are brown undertones in your gray shingles, it is not a bad idea to use a warm taupe gray.

Is It Better to Have a Dark Gray Roof or a Light Gray Roof?

Both color shades have their benefits. A light gray color roof will divert sunlight from the eyes. A dark-gray roof does not absorb as much heat as the lighter one.

Thus, they prefer colder climates and provide a more rigid grip on the wind. Also, a dark gray roof will accelerate the melting process, roof, window, and siding installation at 65% off.

When planning on your house roof’s gray shade, it would be best to contrast the contrast between your roof and its siding, even if the house doesn’t determine the color.

Ensure that the color of your roof is lighter or darker than that of your siding. For a curved roof, the shade of the roof color should be darker than the siding and darker than that of a straight one.


When choosing a color for the façade of your house, it is advisable to pay attention to the landscape around. For example, if there are trees and plants in the surrounding, you may go for green and brown shades for painting, and since these two colors go down well with a gray roof, you are still on the right track.

If your house is located in a historical place, you may pay attention to the color scheme of the surrounding objects. You can choose brighter colors if your building is in a typical residential area.

Experts believe that when choosing a shade, you should try selecting muted colors for the southern parts of the house. This is because they look lighter in a bright sunny color. However, all these tips and guidance are only to guide you on the colors that go with a gray roof to give your house an attractive look as you, however, may have your own choice and preferences.


1) What are monochromatic exterior paint schemes with gray?

Take about 2 or 3 shades that are combined in a color palette and make a design.

2) Is a light orange house color suitable for a gray roof?

Yes, it is. It is possible to choose light orange paint for a house having a gray roof. It creates a pretty design.

3) Do cream and gray paint go together?

Cream and gray is a modern combination that creates a soothing, gender-neutral scheme. When you balance these two colors correctly, they work well in almost all rooms in the house. Also, you can pair these two hues differently to accommodate the room’s functionality.