When painting your room, you should consider the color of the furniture and all things, as well as Uba Tuba granite, that is inside the room.

So, what paint colors go with Uba tuba granite? And how can you choose the best color for the Uba tuba granite of your cabinet?

Let me tell you whether you can paint it, and give tips on matching the paint colors with Uba Tuba granite.

what color goes with uba tuba granite

What color Uba tuba granite is

Uba Tuba Granite is from Brazil. It is labeled as dark granite. This type of granite is mostly in dark colors and contains different colors within the slabs. Its shiny dots make it very unique. 

The granite UbaTuba is dark in color with some dark green and black variations.

Uba tuba granite: color and variations
Uba TubaGreen Uba TubaUba Tuba Gold
Dark greenMostly blackDark green
Gold, brown and green specklesSmall green, yellow and white specklesGold, brown and green speckles
  Slight color difference from regular Ubatuba

Uba Tuba

UbaTuba is well-textured granite featuring black, gold, gray, and green speckles. It pairs nicely with dark and light cabinets, making it one of the more versatile countertop options. Consistent and shimmering speckles of the stone give Uba Tuba granite a rich and beautiful appearance.

Green Uba Tuba

Despite the name Green Uba Tuba, this granite is primarily black and has tiny green, yellow, and white speckles throughout. It’s an excellent choice for a darker natural stone kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, backsplash, or other home surfaces.

Uba Tuba gold

This type of stone is very similar to the Uba Tuba but has some slight differences. This granite is dark green with gold, brown, and green speckles.

Can you paint Uba Tuba granite?

If you don’t like the color of your Uba Tuba granite, you can paint over it. But painting Uba Tuba granite is challenging, and you must do it correctly. After deciding to paint your Uba Tuba granite, you must know the tools you will need.

 Before painting, you must prepare the surface and buy the best paint. Then add a sealant layer.

Always use a primer before painting granite floors, countertops, and backsplashes because primer helps to fill the gaps and to create a smooth surface for your lacquer.

“Skipping this step may cause refinishing the surface again quickly.”

Tip:  you have to take your time when painting Uba Tuba granite in your home. Because the paint will take plenty of time to dry before you can continue the next steps.  

How can you match the paint color to the Uba Tuba granite

Even matching paint colors seems complicated. It is not. It is easy and doesn’t require any painting or decorating experience. And here are seven simple tips for pairing paint colors with Uba Tuba granite:

1.     Choose a paint color that complements your granite countertops. Compare the dominant color of your Uba Tuba granite to paint chip sample strips. Choose a shade on the same card that is one to two times lighter or darker than the closest match.

2.     Pick a color for your granite countertops that enhances the accent colors and makes them stand out more. Find out dots and streams of paint mixed in with the primary color. They might be red, pink, blue, green, silver, gold, and more mixed in with the dominant color.

 3.      If you are choosing a paint color for dark cabinets and dark granite, choose a lighter color. It creates a contrast between the two primary colors.

 4. To achieve a cohesive look in your kitchen, it’s essential to match the color of your cabinets and granite countertops. If you have dark cabinets with light granite or light cabinets with dark granite, you can choose to highlight either the countertops or the cabinets by selecting paint shades that complement them.

 5.     To create a striking, bold look, crisp white walls match well with black cabinets and granite. Bright and off-white walls work well with white cabinets and granite for a clean monotone look.

6.  Since granite is a natural element, pairing them with neutral paint colors works well. So, Neutral colors, like beiges, grays, and creams, go well with most granite countertop styles.

 7.      Choosing dark, jewel-colored tones for your wall creates a dramatic mood. Consider using dark red, orange, gold, emerald, turquoise, or purple paint colors combined with white cabinets and dark or light granite countertops to make a striking appearance.

What paint color goes with Uba Tuba granite

An abundance of paint colors goes well with Uba Tuba granite. You should avoid bright and vivid paint colors such as red or yellow because they can affect the beauty of your Uba Tuba granite.

Here are some examples,

  • White
  • Off-white
  • Black
  • Cappuccino
  • Taupe
  • Grey
  • Greige
  • beige
  • duck-egg green

Tip: Always keep the surface of your Uba Tuba granite polished to see natural colors.  

Tile colors to pair Uba Tuba granite

Pairing the countertop of your Uba Tuba granite with the backsplash is challenging. But depending on your wish, you can choose from several options. First, decide what you want if you wish to rock a subtler or bolder look.


Use the Uba Tuba countertop with a granite backsplash for a clean, sleek appearance. If your backsplash and countertop are made from the same material, you can design a simple, modern color palette for your room using just a few shades.

However, if the room is tiny, avoid using dark granite, like Uba Tuba.


Travertine tile backsplashes are a great option if you prefer natural earth tones. This limestone type comes in neutral colors like beige, ivory, tan, gold, and walnut. These hues easily complement the dark colors of the Uba Tuba granite counters.


Though the Uba Tuba granite is dark, light colors can also fit your backsplash. You can use white tile to contrast the granite for a clean, bright appearance. If you want the difference to be more remarkable, use dove-gray ceramic tile to get compatible tones in the granite.

Rajah slate

Using a darker hue for your countertops, such as Uba Tuba granite, and contrasting colors for your backsplash is an excellent way to make your kitchen stand out. The Rajah Slate tile adds to the flair of this type of design by providing a contrasting color and texture.

Rajah slate is a colorful slate from India. You can find a tile with a neutral base, like a light brown or gray, contrasting with a rich black or green granite. The texture of Rajah slate differs from the smooth surface of Uba Tuba granite, giving dimension to your kitchen.

Best cabinet colors for Uba Tuba granite

Best cabinet colors for Uba Tuba granite

The colors like grey and similar to this color don’t go well with Uba Tuba granite. White and brown stains can match well with Uba tuba granite. However, the white color matches the most with Uba Tuba granite.

White cabinets are more popular, neutral, and versatile. By the way, the style with white cabinets, white tile, and white wall paint is more modern and country.  They can match with natural stone materials.

Uba Tuba granite is generally dark, while white is light. So, the white cabinets and Uba Tuba granite countertop make a beautiful and elegant arrangement. The contrast between the dark and the white is just perfect. It brightens the white and complements the darkness.

Choose natural warm colors like creams, browns, and rust for a more rustic and friendly atmosphere. These hues go well with Uba Tuba granite. The wood color cabinet with a creamy backsplash is also one of the best options. This makes the Uba Tuba granite pop, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and makes it warm.

Recommended colors:

When you have a green-based Uba Tuba, you can try a cleaner, non-creamy white or grey with a decent green or green-blue undertone.

But, if you have the black-based Uba Tuba, try a warm, softer white

However, if you have a green-based Uba Tuba, you can use a gray with cool green or green-blue undertones, but avoid purple

“ If you have the black-based Uba Tuba, try warm beiges with slight green undertones, muted creams with a decent golden tone, odd greige, and avoid grey because it may enhance the gold and make the countertop look more outdated.”

Does Uba Tuba granite need to be sealed?

Sealing granite countertops is a common question among homeowners. The answer is ‘maybe’.

Determining whether you need to seal your Uba Tuba granite is pretty straightforward. You should do a water test for sealing Uba Tuba granite. The result of the test shows you what to do.

Uba Tuba granite mainly doesn’t require sealing as it is typically very dense and stain-resistant.

If the test shows that your Uba Tuba granite is absorbent enough, you should seal it to be more water-resistant. It can store germs and moisture if you don’t fill it out correctly.

You don’t need to seal it if testing shows that absorbing the liquid into your Uba Tuba granite takes a long time.

So, now you can do a water test and find the perfect answer.

Final thoughts

Uba Tuba granite is stunning and very popular with darker-colored granite. It makes your cabinet more beautiful. This is one of the most common options among homeowners. It is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, accent walls, etc.

Choosing a paint color that goes with Uba Tuba granite is quite tricky as this type is colorful. According to the dominant color of Uba Tuba, you can choose the paint color that matches this granite.


Is Uba Tuba granite?

Yes, it is. “Uba Tuba” granite is a natural granite stone. It is from Brazil. It is a stone that carries a full line of granite marble and quartz.

Is Uba Tuba granite black or green?

It is not only green or black. Like any other natural stone, it may have many color variations.  Most fabricators describe Uba Tuba granite as black, green, and brown. Naturally, it is dark granite with lighter green, gold, brown, white, and turquoise blue flecks. 

Does Uba Tuba granite goes with white cabinets?

White cabinets are more striking, and when paired with Uba Tuba granite, they look even more so. The difference between dark and light creates an eye-catching view through